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Steel Floor Registers with Damper

• Steel supply register
• For floor and sidewall use
• Durable brown or white color powder coating
• All steel multi shutter damper
• Comes with white head screws for installation

Please call your local sales representative for more infos.

Series 230 - Stamped Floor Supply Register

8" 10" 12" 14"
2" Brown SBSFR0210 SBSFR0212 SBSFR0214
2" White SWSFR0210 SWSFR0212 SWSFR0214
4" Brown SBSFR0408 SBSFR0410 SBSFR0412 SBSFR0414
4" White SWSFR0408 SWSFR0410 SWSFR0412 SWSFR0414
6" Brown SBSFR0610 SBSFR0612 SBSFR0614
6" White SWSFR0610 SWSFR0612