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Lay In T-Bar Drop Ceiling Plaque Diffuse




No Insulation

R6 Insulation

Series 503 - 3 Cone Lay In T-Bar Drop Ceiling Plaque Diffuse

• 2x2 square 3 cone step down T-bar drop ceiling Lay In 4 way diffuser with collar and steel back. Also, available with molded R6 insulation with vapor barrier in the back
• Comes with 2 ½” high collar in 6”, 8”, 10” 12” and 14” diameter. Also available without collar
• Made of heavy gauge steel and powder coated in white color for smooth glossy finish and long life. The grille is colored white and can coordinate with most backgrounds. If needed, they are easy to paint over
• Optional butterfly damper powder coated in black color available separately for better control of air flow
• Highly functional and aesthetically elegant air supply diffuser for commercial or large areas

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Collar Size 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" No Collar
No Insulation SWT3C2406 SWT3C2408 SWT3C2410 SWT3C2412 SWT3C2414 SWT3C24
R6 Insulation SWT3C2406I SWT3C2408I SWT3C2410I SWT3C2412I SWT3C2414I SWT3C24I